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Share your experience, ideas, feedback (hotel, places, feeling) will help fellow traveler to plan their next trip to MALAYSIA.We hope Malaysia Track will inspire locals to explore Malaysia and for tourist to get an extensive experience of what Malaysia has to offer.....Join us to promote Malaysia!

Vacations are a great way to test out the world of collaborative consumption while saving money and meeting great people along the way. Traveling the peer to peer way enables you to create unique experiences and connect with local folk for true cultural exchange. It's more fun. Instead of merely snapping pictures for a few days, peer to peer travel allows you to slow down and appreciate the diversity of a new place in a respectful way. Instead of bringing home cheap souvenir, you're likely to return home with vivid memories and permanent, meaningful friendships that help expand the global community of sharing.

Be one of our Authors and share your MALAYSIA experiences and PROMOTES YOUR SITE! A side of best practices in sustainable tourism or your experiences on socially and environmentally responsible travel.

Thank you for your contribution!

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1.   A Day at Penang Hill Malaysia (by Danarif)


  1. Penang really nice. Visit once. Plan to go again in the next trip...

  2. Hi,
    I am looking for islands and beached in Malaysia. I really enjoy the relaxed setting with the option of partying at night...and of course the awesome beaches.
    I have been to Thailand...Phi Phi, Railay, Samui, Tao, Phangan...just looking for more paradise Islands

    1. Yes Perhentian island is good, Pulau Rawa near Tioman is not bad too, more to natural, Redang and tioman can consider nice but more commercial. But if you want more exciting experience better in Sabah. There are several fantastic islands to relaxing


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