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Jungle Tracking (Johor State)

1. Sebana Cove

Sebana Cove
Its an integrated golf, marina and holiday destination within an eco-setting. View the spectacular sunset at the marina, spend a lazy afternoon fishing or enjoy a game of golf. Numerous sports facilities and delicious food and beverage outlets make this place an ideal retreat for family getaways or corporate retreats. Destined to be Asia’s foremost international yachting, golfing and holiday destination, Sebana cove’s claims are fast becoming a reality in the heart of the region’s fastest growing tourism belt. Sebana Cove is sprawled on 1,200 acres amidst the emerald panorama of tropical rainforests and mangrove. This total resort concept is the only development that parcels an international standard residential marina, a 27 hole membership golf courses, luxurious waterfront properties and a 300 room resort hotel.

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2. Endau Rompin National Park

Covering about 49,000 hectares, straddles the Johor-Pahang border. It’s the one of the few remaining lowland forests. Many insects and wildlife as well as various endermic varieties of plants have been discovered within the centuries-old forest.Drained by Sungai Marong (Marong River), Sungai Jasin (Jasin River) and Sungai Endau (Endau River) and their tributaries, the park is inhabited by the Asian rhinoceros, seladang, wild pig, tiger and birds like the hornbill, babler and cuckoo.

You also can found spectacular 30 metres wide and 40 metres high waterfall at ‘Buaya Sangkut’. Two other smaller waterfalls terdapat di ‘Batu Hampar’ and ‘Upih Guling’. Toilets, dormitories, and camping sites are found at the base of the waterfalls. Trekking, swimming and bird-watching are some of the activities that could be arranged. Further information, please contact National Park (Johor) Corporation.

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3. Gunung Pulai Recreational forest 

This 8 hectare forest reserve is a catchment area, unique flora and fauna sanctuary and a fascinating recreational haven. There are several waterfalls with pools at its bottom. Apart from being an ideal picnic spot, the forest is a venue for seminars, workcamp and jungle trekking to the summit of Gunung Pulai.

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4. Ledang Mountain Recreational Forest

Ledang Mountain Recreational Forest

It is a recreational forest, the site of Johor’s highest mountain, Gunung Ledang (Ledang Mountain). Trekkers can climb to the summit of the mountain and camp at the Sagil Waterfall. According to legend, Gunung Ledang was the homes of a Johor princess who was wooed by the Sultan of Melaka in 15th century.

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5. Gunung Arong Recreational Forest

This forest of towering and shady trees and natural setting offer a refreshing retreat for visitors. There are popular picnic spots by the riverside, a garden and a well equipped playground. Other facilities include rest shades, dressing room, toilet and tree-top huts. Jungle trails are also provided for the more adventurous visitors.

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6. Gunung Lambak Recreational Forest

Located at the foothill of Gunung Lambak, this recreational forest is a favourite retreat for picnics, bathing and mountain-climbing. The 510 m high Gunung Lambak is accessible by footpaths provided. Facilities including car park, benches, rest shade, dressing room, toilets and bridge leading to camp sites are provided.

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7.  Gunung Belumut Recreational Forest

Lush greenery and ravishing wilderness await visitors. It is a haven for camping, picnics and mountain climbing. Gunung Belumut promises exotic vegetation and breathtaking waterfalls.

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8. Gunung Panti Recreational Forest

This recreational forest is a haven for those who like to camp. Facilities including camp sites and temporary accommodation are provided for visitors. Rare species of flora and fauna can be found here.

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9. Kota Tinggi Waterfalls

The waterfalls are favourite spot for picnics and relaxation. The water cascades 34 m down into a pool deep enough for swimming. The Kota Tinggi Waterfalls for years have been renowned, not only for its continuous rush of cascading cool waters that run down the slopes originating from Gunung Panti, but also for its beautiful, tropical surroundings of flora and fauna. Fully furnished chalets complete with cooking facilities are available for booking.

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