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Jungle Tracking (Kedah States)

1. Kota Kuala Kedah

Kota Kuala Kedah at the mouth of the Kedah River about 10 km from Alor Setar (capital state). Also known as Kota Kuala Bahang. Kota means fort and it has been reported that this was actually a fort that was built to ward Kedah’s enemies who came from the sea. Today it is a fishing village where you can watch fishing boats, returning to the harbour at sunset, an experience you will long remember. It is also famous for a variety of seafood that is served by numerous restaurant

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2. Gunung Jerai (Mount Jerai) Top View

Mount Jerai, the highest mountain in Kedah and peninsular Malaysia, which rises to height of 1206 m above sea level. You will get a panoramic view of the surrounding natural environment of forests, flower and waterfalls. On clear days, different vantage – points on the mountain offer spectacular views of the rolling rice fields strecthing up to Perlis in the north. Historical facts reveal that this was the area where the ancient kingdom of Sri Vijaya built its empire. Mount Jerai has well development tourist facilities such as chalets, recreational facilities and jungle trails for nature lovers.

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3. Bukit Pinang (Pinang Hill)

Its an orchard which becomes a haven for fruits lover during the fruits season, especially those who cannot resist the ‘durian’. Another interesting feature of Bukit Pinang is the fact that ‘tuntong’. A breed of river turtle, is found here. Folklore has it that eggs laid by these turtles were conducive to curing several disease, hence in those days only the Royalty had acces to these eggs.

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4. Batu Hampar

In the district of Yan, 32 km south of Alor Setar ia a favourite weekend retreat. Picnickers revel in the cool depths of rocky pools amidst the thundering roar of the waterfall.

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5. Puncak Janing (Janing Peak)

Other places where waterfalls are found is here. Located about 25 km north-east of Alor Setar, in the district of Padang Terap. This is also a fovourite spot for those who wish to retreat to the great outdoor.

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6. Bukit Hijau Recreational Forest

Lush with flora and fauna. Lacated in Baling, 120 km south-east of Alor Setar. Offers yet another park featuring a waterfall amidst lush greenery. Picnicking at its seven-tier crystal clear waterfall is a major attraction here.

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7. Lata Mengkuang and Sik Recreational Forest

Surrounded by the hills and mountains of Sik, 72 km south-east of Alor Setar offer the adventurous spirit a blissful retreat from the everyday world. This area is ideal for hiking and camping amidst surroundings.

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