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Jungle Tracking (Perlis State)

1. Hutan Lipur Bukit Ayer

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Cool streams meandering through a lush tropical forest setting and waterfalls cascading excitingly into frothing rocky pool down below, make it an ideal location for picnic. It is 12 km from Kangar and it offers camping site, car park facilities and basic amenities to make your trip comfortable.

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2. Gua Kelam, Recreational Park

Gua Kelam, Kaki Bukit refers to the 370-metre long limestone cave at the small town of Kaki Bukit. Its name literally means, "at a foothill (Kaki Bukit) lies a dark cave (Gua Kelam). Access to the cave is by way of a suspension bridge. The uniqueness of approach, as well as the experience of walking along the bridge, makes a visit to this place an intriguing and adventurous experience. A subterranean stream flows in the limestone range near Kaki Bukit for about a quarter of a mile long. As in other limestone areas, the stream has built a long cavern over the centuries. This physiographic phenomenon was enlarged throughout the length of the underground stream in 1935 by a resident Englishman who saw it as a marvellous way of transporting tin ore from a mine located near the stream entrance through the underground cavern. A wooden walkway hangs suspended throughout the length of the underground cavern providing a wondrous means of communication from Kaki Bukit to a valley on the opposite end-the Wan Tangga valley.

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3. Hutan Lipur Bukit Kubu

Hutan Lipur Bukit Kubu is a natural limestone cave in a forested limestone hill known as Wang Pinang, located near Kuala Perlis. The cave is an interesting geological formation. Bukit Kubu is now a ‘cave park’, sheltered and ideal for joggers and cave trekkers.

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4. Wang Kelian State Park

The Wang Kelian State Park is a haven for nature lovers and eco-tourism buffs. Close to the Thai border, the 1,000 ha area in the Mata Ayer Forest Reserve is a treasure-trove of biodiversity. It contains one of the few semi deciduous forests in the country, closer in type and species to Thai vegetation. Its limestone forest is also rich in fauna, including birds, mammals and reptiles. A challenging jungle track leads from the camping area past a little tripping waterfall to the Gua Wang Burma cave system. Possibly the northern most cave in Peninsula, its narrow passages lead to chambers boasting interesting formations.

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5. Taman Herba (Herbs Garden)

Adjacent to Bukit Air Recreational Park, on 12 hectares of land, are the Herb Gardens. Created in 1998, these gardens now contain over 6,000 species of herb, spice and traditional medicinal plants. Both local and exotic species from other countries are grown and visitors to the gardens can learn their uses and how to care for such plants.

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