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Top 8 Malaysian Destinations For a Retreat Getaway (By Adrina)

The urban city lifestyle can be fun and exciting but it can also be tremendously exhausting and stressful. Just think about it, when was your last time enjoying a long holiday without worrying about work and other problems? If you haven’t done it for a while, then it is definitely time for you to leave for a few days and go for a retreat getaway! Here are eight of our favourite nature-friendly getaway destinations for some r ‘n’ r.

1. Sekeping Retreats

Sekeping Retreats now have numerous retreat centers in various places including KL, Petaling Jaya, Bangsar, Ipoh and Penang. Sekeping Serendah is the most recommended and best rated place as it brings you closer to nature, allowing you to be mesmerized by the beauty of its surrounding. There are seven shed sets available in Sekeping Serendah within five acres of tropical rainforest. If you prefer to do a quick getaway, check out the rest of the Sekeping retreats in their website HERE.

2. Awanmulan

Apart from Sekeping Serendah, Awanmulan is an alternative place for you to truly experience life in a rainforest. Living in the nature has never been this lovely! The retreat in Negeri Sembilan is intentionally basic with natural environment surrounding the building. There are different rooms to choose from , and the biggest room can fit in up to 12 people. Awanmulan also has a signature saltwater pool with the water pumped directly from the river across the hill.


3. Banjaran Hotsprings

One would say a getaway should be simple and relaxing but going for a luxurious spa holiday is something we all want to do once in a while. Banjaran Hotsprings provides a wonderful spa experience with its geothermal hot springs and a naturally heated swimming pool as well as a steam cave and ice baths. Located in the deep rainforest in Ipoh City, it is a two hour drive from city of KL. This five-star luxury retreat sanctuary offers exclusive butler services for the ultimate hospitality experience.


4. Perhentian Island

For some, a perfect retreat getaway involves sun-drenched beaches with refreshing breeze. Perhentian Island is one of the best scuba diving and snorkeling spots in Malaysia, and it offers numerous affordable choices of accommodation. The sea water is crystal clear and most beaches are well-facilitated. Located at the west of Perhentian Besar in Terengganu, it takes approximately seven hours or less to reach the destination if you’re driving from KL. You can also take a flight to Kota Bharu Airport.

5. Bagus Place Retreat, Pulau Tioman

Similar to Perhentian Island, the beautiful Tioman Island is also another option for island lovers. Bagus Place Retreat in Tioman Island provides you an unforgettable holiday experience with its peaceful sanctuary of breathtaking sea view and beautiful white sand beaches. The water sports offer at the Bagus Place Retreat includes kayaking, paddling, diving and snorkeling. Jungle trekking and rock-pooling are available as well. They offer different styles of chalets for example Rumah Laut or the Rock House, and packages include meals and soft drinks.

6. Sipadan Island

Away from hustle and bustle of city life, Sipadan Island is a diving paradise and a protected marine park. One of the notable features of Sipadan Island is the underwater turtle tomb that houses many skeletal remains of turtles. It is an amazing experience to witness more than 20 turtles during underwater dive as well. Instead of getting a sun-soaked holiday, most of the visitors on Sipadan Island are mostly diving enthusiasts as the underwater world is simply stunning and mesmerizing.

7. Samadhi Retreat

Samadhi Retreat is a one-of-a-kind private retreat located at two different places: Japamala Resorts in Tioman Island and Villa Samadhi in KL. The retreat sanctuary is intentionally hidden from the street view in KL and the exotic d├ęcor is its most distinguishing feature. The Samadhi Retreat at Japamala Resorts, on the other hand, offers absolute harmony without any stressful or annoying interruption. A number of water-based activities are provided as well including kayaking, diving and just exploring the island.


8. Spa Village

The Spa Village is available at seven locations in Malaysia, and each location provides similar unique retreat experience but with different kinds of spa treatments. The award-winning spa village in Cameron Highlands features its signature tea bath before every treatment. The tea bath can help to relieve stress and slow down the aging process. Other Spa Village resorts also offer their own one-of-kind treatments including traditional Malay massage, ancient healing spa programs and many more.


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