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Malacca Fun Activities!

1. Historical Melaka Tour with Lunch 

Visit the historic city of Melaka, a living museum boasting both fully preserved old buildings and ruins right in its heart. Located only 2 hours away from Kuala Lumpur city center, Melaka takes you back to a different time as you wander its narrow streets and historical squares. On the Historical Melaka Tour, you will get to visit St. Peter's Church, A'Formosa Portuguese Fortress, Melaka Museum, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple and more. Stop by for a quick break and enjoy a relaxing lunch before continuing your discovery along the Melaka River.

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2. The Mansion at The Majestic Malacca

When it comes to having the perfect tea time, Mansion is right up under your sleeve

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3. Melaka Day Tour Attraction Ticket from Kuala Lumpur

Make the most out of your visit to Malaysia and join this day tour in Melaka from Kuala Lumpur. After exploring the fun and colorful city of Kuala Lumpur, head to the historic city of Melaka, formerly known as Malacca, while riding a comfortable Premier Coach bus. Visit popular tourist attractions including Christ Church, Stadthuys, and St. Paul's Hill, and be assisted by an English and Chinese-speaking tour guide. This tour also includes a relaxing river cruise along Melaka River and an exciting stop at The Shore Sky Tower for an amazing view of the city! Save yourself the trouble of commuting and join this day tour of Melaka from Kuala Lumpur!

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4. Melaka Crocodile & Recreation Park

See over 100 species of crocodiles waiting for you to explore in Melaka Crocodile Park!. Meet small and cuter animals as well like rabbits, ducks, geese, and more! Be entertained by traditional dances and martial arts performances held on weekends. Enjoy a refreshing dip in the waterpark, the perfect antidote to a hot day!

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5. Skytrex Adventure Melaka

Melaka or Malacca is known in Malaysia for its historic attractions and serene surroundings that make for a relaxing afternoon. But if you want your visit here to be a bit more exciting, then a stop at Skytrex Adventure is all you need. Just a half-hour drive away from the city center of Melaka, this outdoor recreational park is filled with exciting activities that will test your endurance and physicality. You can choose between the Intermediate Level or Advanced Level of the trail and enjoy various obstacle courses including the Worm Hole, the Tarzan Swing, and more. No need to worry about your safety as Skytrex Adventure only uses top-of-the-line equipment and gears, not to mention their well-trained staff will guide you through every adventure. To top it all off, the park's incredible natural surroundings will also make your day here even more memorable!

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6. The Shore Sky Tower

Climb 163 meters above street level and see panoramic views of Melaka from The Shore Sky Tower. Peer through the telescopes for closer views of the city's features and take photos with all of Melaka behind you. See straight down to the streets beneath your feet as you walk along the glass-floored Sky Deck. Visit towards the evening and witness a spectacular sunset and watch the city come alive with lights

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7. Melaka Wonderland Water Theme Park

Have a fun day out with family and friends at the Melaka Wonderland Theme Park. Enjoy access to over 11 exciting attractions including giant water slides and wave pools. Try the multilevel active water play structure that combines 8 slides into one big play ground. Meet and greet the cuddly rabbits of the theme park and have the chance to feed them

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8. Kidzooona in Melaka

What better way to spend a family day than to visit Kidzooona in Melaka? By booking a ticket at Klook, you and your kids will get the chance to ride mini go-carts, hop and run on the cyber wheel, swim in the pool of balls, and play educational games with the staff. You and your children will also get to experience interactive and engaging activities throughout the day. Let your kids try out different professions, from a bubbly ice cream vendor to a special jurisdiction police officer! The Kidzooona Melaka experience is not complete without a parent, so make sure you join your kids on this fun and exciting adventure!

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9. Magic Art Museum

See how art is brought to life at Magic Art Museum in Melaka! Let your imagination run wild with their gigantic 3D paintings and hand painted wall art. Show off your creative posing skills next to any of their more than 55 pieces of towering images exhibited in the gallery. Experience the magic with your friends and family as you strike a pose against the realistic backdrops

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10. Illusion 3D Art Museum

Follow up your historic Melaka tour with a visit to illusion 3D Art Museum! Spend a day exploring the museum's extensive selection of huge 3D art pieces, both on the walls and the floors. Find yourself in a mix of landscapes, standing next to famous people, petting exotic animals, and escaping dangerous situations. Have fun being creative with your friends and family as you try out all kinds of poses beside all 38 paintings. Once you've filled up your camera's storage capacity, check out the Augmented Reality video studio in the museum. Experience the impossible as you interact with a real-time virtual environment of your choice. There are so many situations to choose from, which will all be recorded as part of your souvenir. Run away from extinct dinosaurs or be stranded on a chunk of ice with a polar bear. Get your tickets now through Klook!

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11. Bayou Lagoon Water Park

Make your way to Bayou Lagoon and spend your day splashing in the water or on an extreme adventure. Keep the excitement flowing with an all-day access around the waterpark. Enjoy towering water slides, a kiddie's play area, sheds, and more at the Bayou Lagoon Waterpark. Spend some downtime with your friends and family at the lazy landing pools

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12. A Famosa Water Theme Park

Located in the dazzling historical city of Melaka, visit the largest water theme park in Malaysia for a splashing day on refreshing water attractions! Relive the summer fun at A’ Famosa Water Theme Park and complete an exciting course of over 11 rides and attractions. Go down classic water slides, float above the Lazy River, ride down Water Raft rapids, and more! If it’s the thrill you seek, brave the Big Ice Cream – one of the tallest, longest, and widest water slides in Southeast Asia! Take on the high-velocity joy ride of steep slides until you hit the final splashdown. After that, why not relax by the calming currents of the Wave Pool and the Lazy River? Enjoy this aquatic playground for all ages from all walks of life, perfect for all-day family adventures!

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13. A'Famosa Safari Wonderland Melaka

Discover a Safari Wonderland at A’Famosa Resort in the historical city of Melaka for a captivating day in the wild! Interact with exotic species through immersive activities such as petting and feeding various creatures. Explore the land of ferocious tigers, elegant flamingos, towering giraffes, and more as you discover their habitats. Board a scenic cruise to the middle of a lake and visit Monkey Island to encounter lemurs, monkeys, and gibbons. Enter the Old West Cowboy Town or the Water Theme Park just minutes away from Safari Wonderland to continue your adventure at A’Famosa Resort!

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14. Upside Down House Gallery Melaka

Step into the crazy side of Melaka and turn your world upside down for a good laugh with your friends and family at the Upside Down House Gallery! Modeled after the archetypal Malaysian house, the exhibition is divided into 5 sections – living room, kitchen, kids' room, master bedroom, and bathroom. All are well-furbished with home interiors and decorations, except they're designated in their usual places upside down! Make the most out of your experience in this unique space and be sure to strike some wacky poses! Don't hesitate to ask any member of the staff, they might even suggest some funny ideas for your snaps!

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15. Melaka Sightseeing 2-Day Tour from Singapore

Explore the beautiful region of Melaka, the historic state of Malaysia. Enjoy a pleasant stroll through the city's ancient ruins and buildings. Visit Melaka Museum, A'Famosa Fortress, St. Peter's Church, and more! Go on a 2-day Melaka tour from Singapore with an English-speaking guide

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16. Private Historical Melaka Day Tour with Local Lunch

Experience the era long gone but has an important place in the glorious history of Malaysia which portray the strong Dutch, British and Portuguese influence in the country. Visit the majestic salmon pink town hall which used to serve as the Dutch governor’s residence. Embrace the greatness of the surviving gate of the Portuguese fortress, A Famosa. Enjoy a memorable drive through the picturesque countryside and stop by to visit an old Malaysian fishing village, locally known as “kampong”

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17. Baba Nyonya Half Day Tour in Melaka

Learn more about the unique culture of Baba Nyonya in Melaka where the Chinese culture is assimilated into Malay customs. Explore the interiors of a typical Peranakan house, Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum. Enjoy the variety authentic Nyonya cuisine and take fantastic photos in Baba Nyonya's costume!

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